Tipps & tricks

Three golden rules to  master an EXIT.GURU room:

  1. Team: The perfect team is widely mixed. It is a group of men and women, young and old, math freaks and humanists, nerds and Sirs, visual and haptic people… that’s an ideal team. Often the people who think they cannot contribute a lot are those who furnish the crucial hints, the reason being that they often see/hear/feel things to which the others don’t pay attention to.
  2. Communication: Even if you are working on different tracks, try to keep each other in the loop. It is often the case that clues make sense only if combined. Don’t be afraid to shout out loud if you decrypt a hint. Try to always know what the others are searching, doing, and trying. Pay attention to details, but don’t get lost in them. One person should always keep an overview of the whole setting.
  3. Collecting evidence: In general each thing, clue, and code can only be used a single time. Some teams place all the non-used clues in a central point so that everyone sees them.

This team mastered it and tracked down the crown prince: We made it!

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