Team event by EXIT.GURU

A Room Escape Game as a team event

From time to time it is worthwhile to revive the team spirit in a company. For that matter a team event is the perfect opportunity!
With teambuilding events one can encourage the motivation and collaboration of coworkers. The boss becomes a “normal” team member. The hierarchy is reshuffled. During 60 minutes the only thing that matters is the skill and contribution of each and everyone to achieving the common goal.

Such a team event is convenient for the beginning of corporate events or Christmas parties, as a little extra for and with clients and partners, or as a part of an assessment center to test new collegues.

Ideal for teams of 2 to 6 persons, or up to 12 in two runs, the other can meanwhile prepare for the mission or recap the already managed challenges while having some cool drinks.

Our current game is called: The life guard of the crown prince

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