The new Room Escape Game in Vienna

EXIT.GURU is intelligent high-level entertainment.

EXIT.GURU is gaming in teams: clever together, and proud of it.

EXIT.GURU is a “Room Escape Game”.

EXIT.GURU can be played with 8 persons in a room!

What’s all about in “Room Escape Games”?

You are a team of 1-8 people in a room with riddles and puzzles that you have to solve with your fellow players. Time is ticking! After 60 minutes it is over. All you need is in your head, or it is in the room. You do not have to be a genius. It is important to look carefully, feel things out, and communicate with one another by combining hints. You do not need a tool nor a smartphone, but it is essential to have a good team that works together cleverly.

The first mission at EXIT.GURU brings you into the Vienna of the late 19th century. You are in a 300 year old house on the edge of Spittelberg. You are the bodyguard crew of the crown prince, and are in your office where you have to solve a tricky mission.

Age considerations:

  • The games are suitable for persons from an age of 15 if they want to play alone in the room.
  • Kids from age 11 to 14 are accompanied by our moderator through the game.
  • Kids up to 10 can participate together with adults.

Cool! I want to do that…

Here you will find detailed information about the first mission: The crown prince’s life guard

The second room is currebntly under construction: The Time Maschine

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EXIT.GURU is a game, which is often referred to as an “Escape Room Game” or “Live Escape Game” or “Exit Room”: What to expect in such a room?


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